OSM history wormtrail: Wien

This chart shows the most prolific Openstreetmap contributors for the Wien region, as a function of time. The size of a contributor's box in a given time period is a function of the logarithm of the number of edits in that time period. A creation or modification of a node, way or relation counts as an edit; deletions are not counted. Clicking on a contributor will take you to their openstreetmap.org user page.

The color of the line running along the top of the chart is a function of the number of edits during that time period; months with more activity are darker.

This visualization requires SVG support in your web browser (tested with recent versions of Firefox and Chrome). The wormtrail visualization is based on Common Lisp code by Zach Beane and on the experimental full-history planet dumps.

Wien bbox used for this chart: top=48.25 left=16.23 bottom=48.14 right=16.48

Eric Marsden, February 2011